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莱斯特城夺冠阵容 is original Jintan Sida Chemical Co., Ltd. It is a professional and scientific research type fine chemical enterprise. It has rich experience in diazo-reaction, Friedel-Craft reaction, reduction reaction, addition reaction, condensation reaction, Grignard reaction and substitution reaction fields.

Lianyungang Ziyan Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in Lingang Industrial Zone of Guanyun County in Lianyungang City. It is provincial key Chemical Park, enjoying beautiful environment and convenient transportation.

Lianyungang Ziyan Chemical Co., Ltd. has advanced production technique, complete testing method. Relying on reliable quality, our products are welcomed all around the country. Under our effort, some products have been exported to oversea.

Insisting on operation principle of “survive on quality, develop on reputation”, Lianyungang Ziyan Chemical Co., Ltd. pays highly attention on new product development and talent cultivation. Guided by tenet of customer satisfaction, we operate production and provide service strictly according to ISO9001-2000 standard.

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Add: No.7 Weisan Road, Lingang Industrial Zone, Guanyun County

P.C.: 213221

Contact: +86-13814793322 , +86-13906146788

Tel: +86-519-82337678

Fax: +86-519-82336758

E-mail: [email protected]

URL: 莱斯特城夺冠阵容

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